Clean Up or Clear Out!
A Challenge to Labor Ready and the Day Labor Industry

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Day of Action on Labor Ready
June 11, 2003

Actions in..

Austin. TX
Baltimore MD
Bloomington, IN
Boston MA
Cedar Rapids, IA
Chicago, IL
Denver CO
Detroit MI
Ft. Lauderdale FL
Glendale CA
Holyoke, MA
Huntington WV
Jacksonville FL
Little Rock AR
Los Angeles CA
Louisville KY
Manchester NH
Meadville PA
Meridian MS
Minneapolis MN
New York NY
Omaha, NE
Peoria IL
Princeton NJ
San Diego CA
San Francisco CA
Seattle, WA
Springfield, MA
St. Joseph MO
Tacoma WA
Toronto, ON
Trenton NJ
Tucson AZ
Washington DC
Yakima WA

From the press release

In more than 35 actions nationwide, from Labor Readyís annual shareholder meeting in Tacoma, WA to Washington, D.C., in Boston and Chicago, from San Diego to New York, activists are meeting with Labor Ready shareholders and branch office staff. The actions are coordinated by the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), the North American Alliance for Fair Employment (NAFFE) and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON). read on

What Must Labor Ready Do?

The challenge is about fairness and opportunity. There are twelve steps that Labor Ready has to take to clean up... read on

Open Letter to Investors

We urge you to use your power to change the corporation, or to divest from it if change is not possible. read on

Legal Matters

Labor Ready is subject to numerous legal battles. Here's a list of some recent cases, including the recent EEOC case. read on

Why is Labor Ready so Important?

If Labor Ready's official annual revenues don't event make the billion dollar mark, why should we worry about them? read on

Your Feedback and Reporting Helps

If you're a Labor Ready worker, investor, or manager, or if you are concerned about the growth of the day labor industry, we want to hear from you. use this form

About the Organizers

Among the organizations most directly involved with day labor issues and corporations like Labor Ready are:

Anti-Displacement Project (A-DP)


Building & Construction Trades Department (AFL-CIO)


Chicago Coalition for the Homeless


Cleveland Day Labor Organizing Committee


Jobs with Justice-Chicago


National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)


Southwest Center for Economic Integrity



Hosted by the North American Alliance for Fair Employment.